“Lightweight Steel Framing”-LSF

The modern world requires new approaches and more effective solutions in all areas. The construction of buildings for various purposes has always been one of the most important activities. That is why the construction of LSF  is so in demand now. Lightweight steel thin-walled structures are an innovative frame construction format that uses high-quality lightweight galvanized steel elements. This is the best modern solution for low-rise buildings, which allows you to significantly save time, significantly improve stability, without losing quality. And the main feature of this technology is that it uses an ultra-modern thin-walled galvanized profile for frame construction.

Environmental issues are also acute in the field of improving construction processes. In this regard, prefabricated buildings made of galvanized profiles are one of the best prospects, because their construction is accompanied by the absence of hazardous waste, cleanliness at the facilities and minimization of the use of wood. In addition, the material is completely recyclable.

Features and benefits of technology

In recent years, engineers and designers all over the world have been looking for the most successful solutions to facilitate, speed up and minimize the costs of building various premises. Therefore, frame buildings have become one of the best inventions, because they:

  • lightweight;
  • durable;
  • energy efficient;
  • sustainable;
  • easy to assemble and disassemble;
  • LSC  frameworks make it possible to carry out projects in a particularly short time frame;
  • can be reduced under any weather conditions;
  • fire and earthquake resistant;
  • not limited in the number of finishes, etc.

The construction of a quick assembly building involves the preliminary manufacture of reliable, but at the same time as light as possible profiles connected by bolts or self-tapping screws. Thanks to this approach, the collapsible module is securely connected. This process does not require any additional steps or efforts. And the ability to build lightweight steel thin-walled structures on any landscape on light foundations will save the customer’s budget.

After the installation of the frame, insulation is required (usually with wool based on basalt fibers), which provides significantly higher energy efficiency compared to other construction technologies. There are no restrictions on the wishes for external and internal design. A prefabricated building, with proper installation, will ideally fulfill its purpose for decades. The design is resistant to corrosion, adverse weather conditions, fungi and decay.

Scope of application

The  cold-rolled steel galvanized  profiles  are used as load-bearing structures (with no more than 3 storeys + attic) or, without limitation of storeys, in combination with other construction methods. Thanks to this modern technology, it is possible to build different types of buildings: both the frame of an industrial building and a residential building. In addition, such types of buildings based on this profile system are possible, such as:

  • residential building;
  • residential building  and villa;
  • canopy LSF;
  • warehouse;
  • various industrial premises;
  • Service station, gas station, service center;
  • administrative building;
  • shopping and entertainment complex.

In addition,  Lightweight Steel-framed Construction  is also in demand in cases of reconstruction, construction of superstructures, outbuildings and attics.

Such light frame buildings will be an excellent solution for any business and personal needs. In order for a house or warehouse built in this way to ideally fulfill its functions for decades, you should carefully approach the choice of materials and trust the work exclusively to professionals.

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