LLC “LS-Profi” produces galvanized C,U,Z,L , Omega and other types of galvanized profiles, on rolling machines using the method of cold forming of galvanized coiled steel of C275 type and higher with a thickness from 0,5 to 3,0 mm. It can be produced with a length up to 12 m, height up to 300 mm, also bolt connection holes are possible if the client wishes. Proper equipment allows producing non-standard profiles and different specific details for roofs, frame and facade systems.

The goods are manufactured strictly under the technical specifications and match European standards.

We use only high quality raw material for profiles manufacturing. It is a cold-rolled coiled steel with a thickness from 0,5 to 3,0 mm with galvanized coating up to 600g/m2. All material which comes to the production site is tested in the laboratory for determination of mechanical properties, chemical composition, thickness and uniformity of the zinc coating.

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