Production of C, U, Z-shaped galvanized profiles

The manufacture of galvanized structures is an important industry. To create a galvanized profile, rolled metal is used, which, after additional processing, turns into a strip. At the time of strip rolling through roller mills, the required section of the profile is formed, the profile acquires greater strength, as well as resistance to significant loads. Therefore, the galvanized steel profile is suitable for use in many structures, including flyovers, bridges, residential buildings and even ordinary greenhouses.

First of all, the bent profile creates a strong frame for the building. Since the architectural role of this element, as a rule, is small, it is customary to hide a thin-walled galvanized profile behind a plasterboard or metal sheathing. Profiles of large section are mainly used for construction tasks, while profiles of small size and thickness are more suitable for finishing and repair.

Areas of application for galvanized, bent profiles

Galvanized C, U, Z, Omega – such profiles belong to specialized designs, often unparalleled in modern production. During installation, most often you will need a galvanized C profile. In such cases, the profile is closed on all sides with rigid sheets. It is well adapted to heavy loads and at the same time has a small mass, so you can save up to 20% of the metal.

Galvanized cold-formed Z-profile is actively used in frame structures of houses. In modern buildings, the Z-profile can be seen in roofing, ceiling and wall structures. A Z-shaped purlin with different segment widths allows not only convenient transportation of its individual parts, but also use as a rational, economical segment in solid purlins, as well as for local strengthening of beams with investments in places of strongest bending.

The U profile is a profile having a corresponding section. The bent U-shaped profile is most often used for the construction of ventilated facades. Thus, the product forms channels for unhindered air flow.

In addition, similar profiles are used in plasterboard elements to form a partition frame. They securely fasten its other parts, providing durability.

In furniture and lighting, the U-section as well as the C-profile are ideal for creating a lighting profile. In this case, the perforated U profile is used as a decorative element, and it also forms a strong protective housing for electronic components.

Main advantages

The great demand for C-shaped profiles made of galvanized material, as well as products of other shapes, is explained by the following advantages:

  • moisture resistance and resistance of the material to extreme temperatures, which allows the use of profiles at any time of the year under various weather conditions;
  • bent C-shaped profile has a small weight, which greatly simplifies its installation: thanks to this, heavy equipment may not even participate in the installation of massive structures;
  • small labor costs.

Our company manufactures galvanized steel profiles with sections U, C, L, Z, Omega and other shapes by cold forming using rolling equipment from galvanized steel coils.

To produce C, U, Omega, Z-shaped profiles, as well as any profile with a different section, raw materials that are impeccable in their performance properties are used. The products are manufactured in strict accordance with the specifications, as well as with the obligatory observance of European standards. We offer our customers excellent quality and competitive prices.          

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